Tax law, financial accounting, balance sheets

Tax law, financial accounting, balance sheets

Our scope of services includes consulting in the field of Italian and international tax law. In this context, we can provide coverage for all of the related duties and deadlines.

Scope of services:

  • Consulting in the field of tax law and the optimization of the tax situation of foreign companies and corporate groups
  • Preparation of tax statements for companies
  • Answering questions relating to Value-Added Tax with special consideration of intra-E.U. and international operations
  • Preparation of Due Diligence tax reports for corporate acquisitions and sales or other extraordinary operations
  • Consulting in the area of double taxation agreements
  • Consulting in the area of the Parent-Subsidiary Directive
  • Preparation of the application for the refund of tax credits
  • Single-entry / double-entry accounting and maintenance of the V.A.T. registry
  • Monthly / trimester reporting
  • Intrastat reporting
  • Administration of F24 payments
  • Fulfillment of all reporting duties towards the Commercial Register and the Tax Agency
  • Preparation of annual financial statements for sole proprietorships and companies
  • Preparation of balance sheets and consolidated balance sheets
  • Balance sheet analysis and assistance with projects, especially in the fields of real estate, energy, and tourism
  • Auditing of annual financial statements according to Italian (and international) accounting standards
  • Domiciling companies
  • Assuming supervisory board memberships
  • Investment and financing consultancy
  • Company valuations
  • Consulting and support in the field of contractual law and in negotiations
  • Liquidity management



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